Is Olivia’s Grandpa really 300 years old? It sure seems that way as he guides her through the history of the Brownstone Quarries in their little town of Portland, Connecticut. He seems to know everything about the beautiful quarry and it’s amazing past

A Quarry Story is the tale of Grandpa John, his granddaughter, Olivia and the history they share of the Brownstone Quarries of Portland. 

The Brownstone Quarries of Portland are beautiful, and hold a rich and fascinating history that very few people seem to know about.  Enright set out to share that history in a fun and entertaining way through the walk with a Grandpa and young girl and their touching interactions together.








In the untamed days of the American frontier, one family is forced to abandon its New England farm to forge a future in the roughest stretch of Montana, confronting everything from Indian fights to Buffalo hunts along the way. With rich historic detail brought to life by its colorful characters and stunning landscape, this vivid and enthralling novel is the ideal resource to engage preteen readers in our nation's history, while also teaching the value of perseverance, hard work, and unflagging determination.




The Great Connecticut Caper-  Ct   The Great CT Caper is a mystery chapter book for ages 9 -12    The CT Humanities has organized 12 authors, 12 illustrators, to do 12 chapters in 12 weeks!  I am lucky enough to have been chosen as the illustrator of Chapter 1.  The book is available on-line or in hard cover at